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Teen: Alice Green

Alice Green burst onto the screen at an early age of about 19 and soon was an internationally known and super popular new starlet in the adult movie business. It’s easy to see how she could find so much success so fast, because she is fun, witty, open-minded, passionate, and a very beautiful and petite natural redhead. As a result of her talents and hotness she has already appeared in films from many of the top studios in the industry, and we had a chance to ask her about herself in a really unique interview.

Interviewer: Alice, nice to meet you. You are a California gal, right?

Alice Green: Yeah, but Northern California. Where the giant redwood trees are. It snows a lot there in the winter and I love to snowboard.

Interviewer: What else do you enjoy in your spare time?

Alice Green: I love a good cold beer, grilled salmon, and I am really into video games and art. I draw and love art.

Interviewer: What were you doing before you got into the film industry?

Alice Green: I worked at a retirement facility. I helped in the kitchen.

Interviewer: How did you get into the industry?

Alice Green: I was pretty much contacted by a booking agent as soon as I turned 18, and that was the start of my career in porn.

Interviewer: Do you have a boyfriend?

Alice Green: Yeah, I have been with him for like two years I guess. We have a pretty good thing going, actually.

Interviewer: Does that mean he’s cool with you being in a career where you have sex with other people, because lots of women who get into porn find it hard to manage that in their relationships since guys are often really uptight or jealous about that kind of thing.

Alice Green: Oh, he’s not like that at all. He really loves it that I am a porn starlet. To him it’s more rewarding or exciting or satisfying or something.

Interviewer: Are you saying he doesn’t just tolerate it and put up with it, but he’s really kind of into it?

Alice Green: Exactly, he’s very into it. My boyfriend really enjoys seeing me in adult movies, and it was kind of his idea for me to go in this direction and it turned out it was a lot of fun.

Interviewer: How did that happen, were you guys into swinger parties or have an open relationship, or what’s that all about?

Alice Green: We were dating like six months and then he just asked me to go sleep with someone else, which I thought was crazy. I was like “Why would I want to do that? You’re my boyfriend.” But then he kept bringing it from time to time and he says he likes it when I am with other people and he gets off on watching. So I thought well if that is really what you want, I am cool with that too. I mean if it’s fun for him then it’s definitely going to be hot for me so it’s kind of a win for both of us, you know?

Interviewer: I am getting kind of turned on just imagining that kind of relationship, which sounds really sexual and free.

Alice Green: I feel very free to do my own thing, but we are really close, it doesn’t come between us or anything. He also lets me run the show in the relationship sort of, he doesn’t exert his opinions a lot. He lets me make lots of decisions.

Interviewer: How does it happen, to you like meet some guy at a club or bar and invite him to come home and have sex?

Alice Green: I will just find someone hot and then I’ll have him give me photos of himself and will show those to my boyfriend.

Interviewer: Do you mean like audition photos?

Alice Green: Well my boyfriend also likes the pictures of me having sex with other guys, and he even has a fantasy about me phoning him while I am having sex with someone else. It gets him off, it’s just his thing. But don’t get the wrong idea. He is really into having sex with me. We have sex multiple times a day. We have the right kind of chemistry, for sure, and he totally supports me being in the porn business.

Interviewer: So that sounds kind of wild, are there any other wild activities or preferences that you feel like sharing with us?

Alice Green: I don’t know if it’s considered wild, really, but having sex out in public places is something I have done a lot, and that can be really fun and kind of a special turn-on and adventure. You know, you start making out in the park when you go for a stroll on a pretty day and next thing you know you are really getting aroused so one thing leads to another and you have to kind of figure out a way to have sex without anyone spotting you. Or maybe you’re just out doing errands and shopping and stuff and you park the car in a big parking lot where lots of other people are coming and going and suddenly the urge hits you and you want to do it right then and there inside the car.

Interviewer: Do you watch a lot of porn yourself?

Alice Green: I watch it some, mostly for what I would call professional research, to see what the actors are doing and maybe learn a few things that I can incorporate into my work next time I am in front of the camera. Like I mentioned, I have a lot of sex, both as part of my job as a porn actress and in my personal life with my boyfriend or the guys he wants me to sleep with, so you can probably tell I don’t have a lot of time or need to stop doing that to watch a movie about it.

Interviewer: What awaits you down the road?

Alice Green: I want to keep doing what I’m doing now, which is great, and I also want to devote as much time as possible to my artwork and drawing. Maybe I’ll go to art school.

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