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Teen: Piper Perry Interview

Free Piper Perri Interview on Wow Girls

IV: I’m so glad to meet you, Piper, you’re an awesome actress and even more beautiful and sexy in person.
PP: Thanks, you’re so sweet. It’s nice to meet you, too.

IV So tell us a bit about yourself.
PP: Well I’m an all-American gal, from Pennsylvania. But I say all-American because I have literally lived all over the map.

IV: How do you mean?
PP: My parents split up when I was three and my mom moved to Maryland but by the time I was five we were in Florida.

IV: You hit the road early in life, for sure.
PP: Oh, I’m not finished telling you. Next it was Louisiana, Hawaii, which is awesome, and back to my starting point of Pennsylvania.

IV: Wow. That’s a lot of moving around, especially for a kid.
PP: But I haven’t gotten to the best part yet. Before middle school we moved back to Louisiana, to New Orleans, so I got there just in time to experience that horrific Hurricane Katrina that destroyed the whole place and displaced so many residents.

IV: I’m guessing you are going to tell me you had to move again because of the hurricane and the flooding.
PP: You’re starting to catch on now! Yep, next I was a Texan. Then we went farther west out into Arizona. For my fans who think I’m hot, thank you. But if you want to see hot, check out Arizona. In the summer you can literally cook a meal on the hood of your car.

IV: I’m guessing the heat was too much so you packed your bags again, am I right?
PP: You bet, we retraced out steps to Texas, then to Pennsylvania.

IV: So where do you sleep these days?
PP: My bed is now in New Orleans, again. It’s such an awesome city with the best music and most diverse mix of people you can imagine, plus great clubs and places to dance.

IV: It’s also pretty open-minded, right?
PP: Oh, yeah, a really sexy city. I can be myself there and be proud of it and nobody looks down at me. I mean during Mardi Gras every year thousands of hot women take to the streets topless, so how cool is that?

IV: Very cool, in a way that is absolutely hot. Which brings us to the question of you going topless – and bottomless. How’s your career unfolding?
PP: I’m really excited about it. I mean I am kind of a newbie because I only got into the porn industry at the end of 2014, but already I people like you interviewing me. So I must be doing something right. I’m kidding, of course. I have been really fortunate, and I owe it all to my fans.

IV: Well you also have a superstar body and you’re a fantastic actress. Tell me about your body, how would you describe yourself?
PP: I am really petite, I mean I’m tiny. I’m less than five feet tall and my breasts are size 32 A-cup.

IV: But you are also one of the most gorgeously proportioned women I’ve ever seen.
PP: Thank you! Maybe my food preferences have something to do with it because Asian is my favorite, and you don’t see a lot of overweight Asians but you do see tons of really petite Asian women.

IV: Yeah, but you’re a petite blonde which is dynamite and your fans love you for it. So does your screen and stage name have anything to do with the blonde named Piper in that TV show about women in prison?
PP: Maybe, but my agent is the one who came up with Piper Perri. I do love that TV show Orange is the New Black, though, it’s one of my favorites

IV: What else do you enjoy doing in your off-camera time?
PP: I’m a gardener. I grow vegetables and that ties it with my other hobby which is cooking. I love to cook whatever comes out my garden, that’s a real treat.

IV: I imagine it’s especially rewarding just to have a place to dig around in the dirt, after spending so much of your life moving from place to place all the time.
PP: That’s so true. I love hanging out at home, listening to music, working in the garden, trying out new recipes in the kitchen. My culinary specialty is barbeque ribs, actually.

IV: You’re in the movies, but what kinds of movies to you like to watch?
PP: I am really into The Purge movies and one of my all-time favorite is that movie that came out several years ago, Moulin Rouge.

IV: Isn’t it a really sexy musical?
PP: Yes, and the songs are awesome. I have every one of them memorized by heart so if we watch it together I might drive you crazy singing through the whole film.

IV: Oh I am pretty sure that just sitting close to you would be enough to drive most of your fans a little crazy, but in the good way. How did you get into the adult entertainment industry in the first place?
PP: Like many big transitions in life, it started because of a bad situation. I had a boyfriend who wasn’t acting right and I dumped him and then I had lots of bills to pay. It was a really stressful time for me and I was kind of over guys. I mean I went on a dating website and even if I posted a photo of just my face I would get hit on by hundreds of guys making all sorts of lewd comments.

IV: That’s not cool.
PP: No it isn’t. I mean I really love sex a lot, obviously. But guys who don’t see anything but your looks and only want to meet you to have sex are clueless. So anyway I met this really hot woman online and we started flirting and that was fun.

IV: I’ll bet, especially after dealing with a bunch of annoying guys.
PP: She happened to be in the industry, and had even made some adult videos. I thought the timing was perfect and I was already comfortable in front of a camera. Oh, did I tell you that my mom used to be an exotic dancer? She had a chance at one time to do porn. She’s very supportive of my career. Anyway, I used to pose for lots of hot photos for my boyfriend and I had worked as a model so I sent some pictures of myself that were really hot and provocative.

IV: They must have liked them.
PP: Within just a few hours I was getting phone calls and before the end of the day I was being asked to fly to Miami. That is where my career in porn started, and I’m really enjoying myself.

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