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Teen: Riley Reid

IV: Hi Riley, it’s wonderful to have a chance to speak with you.
Riley Reid: Nice to meet you, too.

IV: Where are you from, originally?
Riley Reid: I grew up in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, in South Florida.

Riley Reid at Wow Girls

Riley Reid pornstar Interview at Wow Girls

IV: How’d your journey lead to a career in the adult entertainment industry?
Riley Reid: I had a chance to attend college and study education, so at first I was on a path to becoming a school teacher.

IV: Okay, now that’s going to have a lot of your fans fantasizing about the hot teacher.
Riley Reid: Well, I don’t want to disappoint them and who knows, maybe that’s a fun role to play in a film – but I never got that far along in my teaching career. But I was a good student. In high school I took honors classes and even took college-level classes while I was still in high school.

IV: Then what happened?
Riley Reid: I went to college for a while but then my car got into a wreck and that was a real hassle because I didn’t have a way to commute back and forth to school which was like a 2-hour daily commute. So I had to rethink my plans. Like a lot of college kids do I decided I would just take some time off from school and concentrate on making a little money to help me pay my bills.

IV: I know that part of Florida, especially the Miami area, is a huge location for lots of adult movie studios. Is that what you did, apply to work at one of those film studios?
Riley Reid: You’re right. There are people from all over the country, probably from all over the world, who travel to Miami to get their start in the adult film industry. I guess Los Angeles and Las Vegas used to be the big places to go, but over the past few years Miami has really gotten on the map in terms of the porn industry. But I didn’t go right into the business from college. First I just got a job as an exotic dancer in one of the clubs near home. That’s usually a great way to make a lot of fast cash.

IV: How’d that work out for you?
Riley Reid: It was a great learning experience, for one thing, because I realized that I am so laid back – I’m not all that ambitious about making money – and I’m not one of these people who is a natural sales person. It just isn’t my personality to be aggressive about promoting myself or asking for money. I am more interested in getting to know people, socializing, hanging out, that kind of thing. So I would bust my tail working as a stripper and I had friends who probably made twice as much as me just working in a normal restaurant.

IV: Seriously? I would think with your great looks and sex appeal you’d be raking in the cash and big tips every night.
Riley Reid: I know, you’d think I would do okay at it, but I was making just over a hundred dollars a night, on my busiest and most profitable nights. Other times I made so little it just didn’t make sense so it wasn’t panning out the way it does for lots of women who dance.

IV: That must have been frustrating.
Riley Reid: Well it wasn’t my dream career and it was taking up all my time, so I figured I better start seeing what other kinds of opportunities I could find. One of the other gals who worked there thought I should check out porn, and I really didn’t know much about that so I wasn’t sure if I would be into that or not or good at it. I liked watching porn but it was mostly the homemade kind where people do it at home and film it. I thought that was probably how you got your start in the industry.

IV: You mean making your own movies and then trying to sell them to a studio?
Riley Reid: Yeah, I thought it was kind of like in the music industry. You know, you write a song or put together a band and learn some songs and make a demo CD and send it to a record producer and try to get noticed. I really had no idea how any of this stuff works, so I was thinking maybe I needed to make a porn video at home and submit it to an agent or something.

IV: I am sure any studio or agent would be delighted to get that movie in the mail, but I don’t think that’s how it usually works, is it?
Riley Reid: No, but what did I know? Anyway my friend from work knew more than me and helped me figure it out. My first gig was being an extra in a porn movie. That was actually a great way to get introduced to the whole thing because you aren’t under any pressure and don’t have to really do anything except be in the background while the other acts do their thing. So I was able to observe and learn and it looked like so much fun. I mean it was like being invited to watch people have sex or join it and have some sex yourself and then get a paycheck for it, which is pretty fabulous if you think about it.

IV: I love thinking about it, especially if you’re one of the people on the set. You weren’t nervous or uptight it like some people are in the beginning?
Riley Reid: I have always been very sexual and I have always felt very free with my body so no, I thought it was great – and it really ignited my passion.

IV: I think it ignites the passion of thousands of your fans, too, Riley.
Riley Reid: Well thank you. I have been told that I can have that affect on people. I think I bring out the sexual side of people when I hang out with them, like their sexual Muse.

IV: I’m sure you do. So what else turns you on besides hot sex?
Riley Reid: I am getting into playing guitar a little, and I think I have a natural talent maybe. I probably have good rhythm and a feel for it or something. I also love spending time with my pet dogs, and I’m a total foodie. There are tons of great places to eat in and around Miami so it’s always fun to explore new restaurants. But sometimes it’s nice to just stay home and cook up something myself and chill.

IV: Well I’m glad I got to share some time with you, you’re so much fun.
Riley Reid: You’re sweet to say that and this was fun for me, too, connecting with my fans is always great.

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